The Untold Story

"Why Bernie has no shoes"

     One Day, about twenty years ago Bernie lived in the Cancun Cantina islands, somewhere in the south Atlantic. He had wanted to travel and see the world but had never left the islands of Cancun Cantina, except for once when he was two years old to visit his Aunt and uncle in Hagerstown.

Bernie had a plane and had been working on it for a number of year and decided one day about ten years ago once he could get it working he would go and discover the world.  Finally the plane was ready and off Bernies went to see the world he had dreamed of.

    On his travels he ate at a lot of restaurant, but his last stop before Hagerstown was Baltimore. He loved all the the varieties of food especially the crab cakes, with that Bernie go an idea, he would open a restaurant back home in the Cancun Cantina islands and make the menu from all the different food from his travels.  Before he did that he wanted to visit his Aunt and Uncle in Hagerstown, so Spring of 2006 Bernie took off from Baltimore and was flying on his way to Hagerstown. As he was flying he realized his gas was running out, which caused engine problems.  He was about ten minutes awayand had to do a crash landing, while trying to land he realized that his brakes did not work, he stomped on the floor until it busted through the bottom and put his feet down to stop him.  After a while he finally go the plane to stop but realized he had no shoes.

     Bernie ended up crash landing on South Moutain and started heading west to Hagerstown through the woods in his barefeet, making some friends on the way. Finanlly he reache Dual Highway and ended up at the Clarion Hotel. As he was walking to the Clarion, he noticed a restaurant and bar available top open.  This was a sign, his plane was broke and unfixable and he figured why not persue his dream right here in Hagerstown.  So here he was no plane a dream to open up a restaurant, what would he call it, well his feet saved his life he thought, I`ll call it BAREFOOT BERNIE`S" The restaurant open the following weekeend, with a cusine that spans his travels, Bernie thought I`ts always a weekend at Bernie`s and the rest of it was history.